About Us

At RAM Pattern, our single goal is to provide an experience to each customer that makes them raving fans.  We accomplish this by focusing on our six core values:

  • Integrity:  Be fair, honest, and consistent in all of our actions.
  • Excellence:  Deliver excellent products at all times, no excuses or exceptions.
  • Empowerment:  Invest in and empower our team to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • Experience:  Deliver the best customer experience of anyone in our industry by building lasting partnerships with all of our customers.
  • Communication:  Communicate constantly with team members and customers.
  • Helpfulness:  Always be willing to lend a hand.
  • Improvement:  Continually improve and be the best at all we do.

It is our goal to work with customers who share these values and recognize that building long-term, trusted relationships benefits everyone over the long term.  You can expect us to live up to these core values in all of your dealings with us, and we hope for the same from our customers.

From its modest beginnings in a garage in 1990, RAM Pattern has steadily grown by providing high quality, timely, and expert service to its clients across the Midwest and beyond.  At its current location in LeClaire, Iowa, RAM Pattern’s dedicated and experienced staff engineers and manufactures patterns and molds using advanced CAD/CAM software, six CNC machines, and other manufacturing equipment.

RAM Pattern’s staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the pattern and mold making industries.  Our staff has experience building molds from a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, renboard and other composite materials, and wood.  They have adopted new technology over the years, making sure their skills keep up with changing technologies and the needs of our customers.